Group Tour Analog City Holidays

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Friday December 30

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2:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

Join other museum guests for guided one-hour Group Experience of Analog City: NYC Before Computers. This is a special discounted ticket price of $25 (normally $35). Please Note this ticket does not include your suggested admission to the museum.

A manual typewriter, a public payphone, a pneumatic tube, a heavy filing cabinet…


Perhaps considered antiquated today, these were groundbreaking technologies when created. They were also a mere sliver of the vast array of analog tools that thousands of New Yorkers used from 1870 to 1970 to access information at NYC libraries, print massive quantities of daily newspapers, enable rapid trading on Wall Street, and design the city’s iconic skyscrapers.


You will learn about New Yorkers’ pre-digital professions by examining and discussing the intricate tools they used to perform them and will have fun understanding the reasons that many of these now-obsolete tools were considered tremendous advances at the time- and continue to persist in New York City well into our era.